The Glittering Hill

Title: The Glittering Hill
Date of Composition: Copyright © 2001 Daniel Bukvich
Level of Difficulty: Community Orchestra
Instrumentation: Orchestra and Chorus (with 5 percussionists)
Performance Time: 1 hour
Publisher: Manuscript
CD Recording A CD of “The Glittering Hill” was produced in July of 2002. It is available through BOOKPEOPLE of Moscow, Inc. - Moscow, Idaho (208)882-7957 FAX:(208)883-4347 (Hours: 9 am to 8 pm PST, Monday–Sunday)
Program Notes:

The Glittering Hill” is a suite for orchestra and chorus. Its twelve short movements present an overview of the Butte that exists now only in books and in the memories of those who, sadly but surely, will someday become ‘friends on the flat’. In fact, books gave me the titles for all of the movements, and the main title, The Glittering Hill, is the name of a 1944 novel by Clyde F. Murphy. When I was younger I was fascinated by the fact that a real book had street and place names from my town.

- Daniel Bukvich

The Glittering Hill” was commissioned and paid for by Virginia Malloy Johnson, Dianne Kimball Johnson, and James Dorr Johnson for the Butte Symphony Orchestra in Butte, Montana, Dan’s home town. It was premiered by the Butte Symphony Orchestra and Chorale - James Allen Anderson, conductor - on April 27, 2002 at the Mother Lode Theatre in Butte, Montana.

During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Butte was one of the largest cities in the western United States. It owed it’s size to the many copper mines built underneath the city. The movements of “The Glittering Hill” are based around all aspects of life as it was during that time period.

The artwork used in “The Glittering Hill” audio CD was produced in conjunction with an ongoing multi-media project that was launched by a group of students at the University of Idaho. The group was one of many who participated in a Visual Information Design class taught by faculty from the University of Idaho’s Department of Art and Design (UI Information Design Group, 2002 - Jill Dacey, director). The class was funded under an Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) Technology Grant, Jill Dacey PI. Members participating in the project were Ludmilla Saskova (group leader), Jeff Gray, Ashley Horrall, and Susan Weaver.


The Glittering Hill” contains many excerpts from oral history recordings collected by John Mihelich, an associate professor and sociologist at the University of Idaho. The recordings were digitized and remastered by P.K. Northcutt. Other pre-recorded narratives were created from written transcripts using the voices of Dr. Malcolm Renfrew, Professor Emeritus and Thomas Richardson.

Recordings: Details about recording(s):
  • Performer(s): Butte Symphony Orchestra and Chorale
  • Conductor: James Allen Anderson
  • Location: Mother Lode Theatre - Butte, Montana
  • Date recorded: April 27, 2002

Download each movement separately below:

  1. At Night, from the Mountains [5:23]
  2. The Bells (not Edgar Allen's) [4:11]
  3. Underground Warfare [3:52]
  4. Moonshine Anthology [2:04]
  5. Variation on a Dublin Gulch Fiddle Tune [4:44]
  6. The Rocky Mountain Café Menu Tango [1:17]
  7. Dance at the Wintergarden [4:07]
  8. Mule Songs [1:41]
  9. The Famous Miners' Band [3:28]
  10. Waltzes from Columbia Gardens [3:00]
  11. Copper Tanks [3:35]
  12. Friends on the Flat [5:15]

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