March of the Children's Guard

Title: March of the Children's Guard
Date of Composition: Copyright © 1997 Daniel Bukvich
Level of Difficulty: High School
Instrumentation: Wind Band
Ensemble Set-up: Bukvich Symphonic Band Diagram
Performance Time: 4:02
Publisher: Wingert-Jones Music
11225 Colorado
Kansas City, MO 64137-2502
or toll-free 800-258-WJMO
Program Notes:

Written in 1997, “March of the Children’s Guard” shows a great deal of influence by John Phillip Sousa. The arpeggiated opening trumpet fanfare in the first four measures, followed by the descending unison passage in measures 5 and 6, with the chromatic alteration leading to the dominant, is a vintage Sousa technique. Repeated 16-bar phrases, as found in this piece, are also prevalent in Sousa marches. Bukvich’s use of kazoos, tin drums, toy cymbals, and sound flutes later on in the piece are not, however, typical of Sousa.

Program Notes extracted from “The Careers and Works of Emerging Composers of Music for the Wind-Band: Discussions with Jack Stamp, Thomas Duffy, Andrew Boysen, Jr. and Daniel Bukvich” by James P. McCrann; edited for content by Susan G. Weaver.

Recordings: Details about recording(s):
  • Performer(s): Treasure Valley Concert Band
  • Conductor: Marcellus B. Brown
  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • Date recorded: 2004

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