Hymn of St. Francis

Title: Hymn of St. Francis
Date of Composition: Copyright © 1993 Daniel Bukvich
Level of Difficulty: Jr. High/High School
Instrumentation: Wind Band
(includes 7 parts for multiple percussion)
Ensemble Set-up: Bukvich Symphonic Band Diagram
Performance Time: All movements - 14:13 minutes
Publisher: Phoebus Publications
1303 Faust Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54901
Animations Two movements of the “Hymn of St. Francis” have been animated by Susan Weaver: Animations of “A Murmuration of Starlings” and “A Scuttle of Crabs” at Sue Weaver’s web site.
Program Notes:

Hymn of St. Francis” was written by Dan Bukvich for a junior high band. It uses extended techniques to create sounds reminiscent of various animals. “I’m always hoping that a student will say, ‘Hey, I know a better sound than this.’ That would be the ultimate goal of the piece,” Bukvich says.

Program Notes extracted from “The Careers and Works of Emerging Composers of Music for the Wind-Band: Discussions with Jack Stamp, Thomas Duffy, Andrew Boysen, Jr. and Daniel Bukvich” by James P. McCrann; edited for content by Susan G. Weaver.

Sketches: See sample page from score
FAQ: Can other sounds be used for the animal sounds?
Yes - in fact, Dan would encourage directors and students to come up with better ways of making the sound effects in "Hymn of St. Francis". The piece is supposed to be experimental and fun in that respect.

Recordings: Details about recording(s):
  • Performer(s): Atsugi Nishi High School Wind Symphony
  • Conductor: Tetsuya Nakayama
  • Location: Atsugishi Bunka Kaikan
  • Date recorded: May 8, 1999
  • Recording engineer(s): Producer, Recording Director, Kenji Fukuda; Balance Engineer, Kenji Fukuda; Asst. Engineer, Shigeru Abe; Executive Producer, Hiroshi Kasai

Download each movement separately below:

  1. Invocation [1:42]
  2. A Murmuration of Starlings [1:51]
  3. A Scuttle of Crabs [0:55]
  4. A Squabble of Seagulls [1:28]
  5. A Smack of Jellyfish [1:32]
  6. A Drumming of Grouse and a Gatling of Woodpeckers [0:50]
  7. A Buzzing of Bees [1:10]
  8. A Rhumba of Rattlesnakes [1:48]
  9. A Flight of Swallows [2:57]

Recording(s) posted: [2009-12-10 12:42:42]

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