Celebrate Celebration

Title: Celebrate Celebration
Date of Composition: Copyright © 1993 Daniel Bukvich
Level of Difficulty: Advanced High School or University
Instrumentation: Concert Band with added instruments including kazoos and party horns
(12 significant percussion parts)
Ensemble Set-up: Bukvich Symphonic Band Diagram
Performance Time: 8:30
Publisher: Wingert-Jones Music
11225 Colorado
Kansas City, MO 64137-2502
or toll-free 800-258-WJMO
Program Notes:

Celebrate/Celebration” was commissioned by the Foxboro High School in Foxboro, Massachusetts (Steven C. Massey, Director) as part of a district-wide project exploring artistic creativity. The entire work, including form, melody, dynamics and rhythm, is based on the letters and alliterative rhythm of the words celebrate/celebration. Instruments not normally associated with bands (kazoos, party noisemakers) are added to highlight the ‘celebratory’ character of the piece. The brass and woodwinds are instructed to leave the stage and surround the audience while playing the final segment, adding a ‘theatre piece’ element to the conclusion.

Portions of the program notes were extracted from those written by Anthony Conrad Mengelkamp for the CD, "Music of Daniel Bukvich," published in 1997; edited for content by Susan G. Weaver.

Recordings: Details about recording(s):
  • Performer(s): 1993-1994 Foxboro High School Concert Band
  • Conductor: Stephen C. Massey
  • Location: Foxboro High School Auditorium, Foxboro, Massachusetts
  • Date recorded: April 7, 1994
  • Recording engineer(s): Recording engineered by Jeff Harrison with assistance from Ahu Resimcioglu and James LeGrand, 1995 Harrison Digital Productions, Granby, MA 01033. (413)467-3737

File(s) available:

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